About Us

Menopause cannot be stopped; so do not be misled by the website. Rather, its signs and symptoms, which can be annoying to most menopausal women, can be alleviated.

Most of us may already know that menopause is inevitable to all women. The manifestations would usually start to take place by mid-forties and may continue until the early fifties. Although menopause cannot be avoided with the presence of irritating hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats, whoever said that they could not be handled? This is what Stop Menopause is all about.

Cored upon informing the public, the mission of our company is not on the avoidance and elimination of menopausal symptoms and stages. Instead, our role is to help you continue with your normal and healthy lifestyle whilst experiencing the signs and symptoms of this stage.

Why Stop Menopause?

So many websites talk about the ways to alleviate the signs and symptoms of menopause. While we are not saying that their methods are ineffective, we guarantee you that the information we provide are 100% accurate.

We do not want to talk about those overrated synthetic drugs or even the typical hormone replacement therapies. These methods are known to have high risks of acquiring life-threatening side effects, including cancer.

We believe more on the natural methods. Aside from the fact that these are safer, they are economical, as well.

Reliability and Credibility

We don’t just provide information instantly. We conduct an intensive research from multiple authoritative resources. More so, we consult experts to verify if the content we are about to post is genuine and effective.


Our team is guaranteed to be 100% dedicated in helping women deal with the menopausal signs and Menopause Symptoms. Our job is to help as many menopausal women as we can. We have the dedication and drive to promote the natural methods and help women live normal and healthy lives.

There’s no need to undergo those risky hormone replacement therapies. With an au natural method, menopause will not be a problem anymore.