Menopause Treatment: 5 Natural Ways to Help Ease Hot Flashes

Dec 16, 14 Menopause Treatment: 5 Natural Ways to Help Ease Hot Flashes

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The period of transition from potentially productive to non-productive female, otherwise known as menopause, is a constant concern for women. It may not be life-threatening, but the range of effects and symptoms, and how these can possibly affect daily life can be somewhat daunting to confront. Typically, women aged 45 to 55 begin...

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Menopause Symptoms – Addressing the Discomfort

Dec 03, 14 Menopause Symptoms – Addressing the Discomfort

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It happened. Now get over it. The monthly blood flow won’t come back (why would you want them to, in the first place?), and it is decidedly the end of an era for you. Menopause has come. It’s done and over with. Rejoice! It only means you can’t give birth anymore, and you are aging. So what? To borrow a phrase from...

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Mindsets For A Healthier Menopause

Menopause is not a bad thing. It is just as natural as having period in reaching the adolescent stage. It is simply a way of nature taking its course in a woman’s body. However, despite it being labeled as something natural, women still can’t help but think about how it is the end. And it’s all because of the wide...

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Risk Free Tips to Handle Menopause

May 16, 14 Risk Free Tips to Handle Menopause

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Biologically, all women experience menopause. This is the time wherein a woman gets exhausted and feels irritated on its symptoms. However, some ladies tend to be happy once they’ve encountered this life changing event. This is because they can do what they want like during the teenage days. One of the benefits of menopause is...

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Don’t Try To Stop Menopause! Deal With It!

A lot of women started thinking on how to stop the menopausal stage. However, behind that thinking lies the reality — a reality that has never been declared as fallacy or unreal. Knowing the reality is quite an awful realization. So here’s the answer — You can’t stop menopause! Never! The website’s...

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