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A lot of women started thinking on how to stop the menopausal stage. However, behind that thinking lies the reality — a reality that has never been declared as fallacy or unreal. Knowing the reality is quite an awful realization. So here’s the answer — You can’t stop menopause! Never!

The website’s name, Stop Menopause could be very deceiving. But here’s a final conclusion to those who have been losing their minds about how to stop menopause, “There’s no such thing to stop menopause. If you stop it, you’re stopping life too!”

But don’t worry! There are numerous safe ways to deal with it accordingly. Instead of searching for ways to stop menopause, why not just find ways to handle the symptoms? Learn some tips here!

The Stages on Dealing with Menopause

Are you still afraid of engaging the menopausal stage? Think for a while, if you are not going to accept the truth, you won’t be able to learn the things regarding the appropriate menopause management. So the first thing to do is acceptance.

  • Acceptance – If you accepted menopause as a normal occurrence of a certain woman’s life, you are now gradually entering the doorstep of dealing with it. Thought it may be hard to believe on it at first, but as your mind started accepting its unwanted consequences such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood changes, a new way of thinking will develop on you!
  • Realization – By accepting the fact, a new way of thinking will suddenly emerged! You’ll now think in a different perspective. A new realization becomes your enlightenment. Brilliant ideas then follow! To be more precise, being enlightened is paramount in every endeavor you strike with. By realizing that you would have your menopausal stage at late 40’s, the whole you will now prepare for the metamorphosis.
  • Open Mindedness – This is a crucial stage! After realization, your whole mind will now signal that you need to learn and be prepared on what would soon come to your life. You’ll become a critical thinker since you’re now aware that all of these things will soon come to you.  Thus, after acceptance and realization, an open mind will now become your asset in learning the tips on how to alleviate any menopause symptoms.

Now, act on it!

What are the symptoms of menopause?

  • Vaginal Dryness – This happens due to the drop of estrogen level.  Try using a vaginal lubricant like Astroglide or KY Jelly.
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats – Be certain that you know the reason of your night sweats and hot flashes. In some cases, a reason could be the dress you wear. If so, change clothes that would make you feel more comfortable.
  • Sleep Problems – This is usually caused by night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia. Relieve your sleeping dilemma by drinking something hot before you sleep. Most recommended is milk. Also, avoid eating large meals and smoking before bed time.
  • Moodiness –Getting enough exercise is one of the best solutions to address mood swings. Plus, an involvement to any physical activities could also bring huge effect.

Furthermore, there are various menopause symptoms out there to be learned. Learn them all! If you need more tips, check us here in Stop Menopause for the solutions of those menopausal related problems.