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Menopause is not a bad thing. It is just as natural as having period in reaching the adolescent stage. It is simply a way of nature taking its course in a woman’s body. However, despite it being labeled as something natural, women still can’t help but think about how it is the end. And it’s all because of the wide array of symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, extra weight, sleepless nights, and so much more that it’s associated with.

Truth of the matter is, all the negativity that precedes the existence of menopause can be set aside. Like the saying goes, bad things only exist when one fails to see the good in the situation. Every woman can change their experience and shift it for the benefit rather than dwell on the disadvantage. One may not really be able to stop menopause but they can certainly change how they go through it: POSITIVELY.


As many are knowledgeable of this fact, menopause is the end mark for menstrual cycles among women. But does the end really entail a sad ending? Not quite. In fact, this can be a cause for a celebration. How so? Well, it’s the end of the pads – fussing era and enter the days of leakage free living. To put it simply, gone are the days when they would be so cynical in wearing white on their red days.


Majority of women experience PMS symptoms in about a week or two before their period. Such symptoms are very encompassing and they include headaches, breast tenderness, emotional imbalance, food cravings and irritability. This is all caused by the shifts in the hormones as the body prepares for the menstrual cycle. But as menopause arrives, this means that women will no longer be subjected to these discomforting bodily sensations.


If there is one thing that can be greatly enjoyed in the coming of menopause, it is having sex without getting pregnant. Based on countless surveys conducted by health professionals, the most frequently cited benefit of menopause is to engage to intercourse without the bombardment of impregnation.

Long has it been the downside for every woman to have to worry about this after moments of pure pleasure. However, with menopause they can certainly set aside those fears and immerse themselves in utter pleasures.


The end of the menstrual cycle entails the end of a woman’s biological responsibility to reproduce. With that, they basically no longer have the entitlement that nature has thrust upon them. As this becomes the case, women can now live their lives as they wish it. It is the time for their great self involvement without further judgments.

This is the time of a woman’s life to dedicate all their efforts to themselves. It is a form of giving back for a job well done. No one should be deprived of this as it is a general right. It’s a right to live life to the fullest without the hindrances of menopause symptoms.