Relinquishing Prescription Drugs and Hormone Replacement Therapy

As all women know, menopause is an inevitable occurrence in their lives. As they reach 40, most of them start to wonder when they will begin to feel its disturbing signs and symptoms. Unfortunately, this stage of a woman’s life can never be prevented. However, there are various ways to prevent the manifestations from disrupting a woman’s life.

Before technology became way advanced and the internet was not yet that accessible to the populace, there are only two methods that individuals know on how to alleviate the menopausal signs and symptoms. One would be with the help of prescription drugs, which can increase estrogen and progesterone level while the other is the ever-popular hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

It is amazing though that experts have concluded that these two methods are indeed effective. Nevertheless, researches have also shown that typical methods, especially the HRT, are accompanied by risks that may trigger harmful, adverse reactions.

For example, several studies have confirmed that HRT can increase the risk of endometrial and breast cancer. Are you that confident to take the risk?

Another simple question is, “why undergo the risky procedures when there are natural methods which are not only cheap but 100% safe as well?”

Hot flashes are very common to menopausal women. It can be aggravated when a woman eats spicy foods and drink beverages containing high amounts of alcohol and caffeine. So how can a woman alleviate this irksome symptom?

Instead of consuming spicy foods and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, a woman can take natural herbs. One popular herb is called black Cohosh that has been famous for several years as THE plant to alleviate not only hot flashes but night sweats as well.

Soy food can also be included in your diet in place of black Cohosh. With its richness in phytoestrogens, the woman’s estrogen level can be stabilized.

However, did you know that HRT also has great substitutes where you do not even need to spend a single penny? For example, you can engage in a regular exercise regimen. Simple walking exercises for 15 minutes every single day is a great start.

Furthermore, it is also important to have sufficient sleep. If sleeping is a problem for you, then you can do deep breathing exercises or listen to mellow music to put your mind at ease.

To summarize, this article aims to inform you that HRT and those overrated prescription drugs containing harmful components are not the only methods to stop menopause signs and symptoms from affecting your daily lifestyle. If you just do enough research, the answers you’re looking for can be found within your own home.