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Biologically, all women experience menopause. This is the time wherein a woman gets exhausted and feels irritated on its symptoms. However, some ladies tend to be happy once they’ve encountered this life changing event. This is because they can do what they want like during the teenage days.

One of the benefits of menopause is having a great time with your family especially to your husband. You can enjoy sex without worrying to get pregnant. But unfortunately, the menopausal stage can also be the beginning of a big problem since various menopause signs are very disturbing.

What is Menopause and When Does it Start?

Menopause is a critical stage where a woman must conquer as it may affect a special relationship like marriage. Menopause begins when fertility and menstruation ends. This is also the stage where pregnancy is impossible. On average, menopause takes place during 40-50 years old. However, there are some cases that a woman begins her menopausal period earlier or later than 50 years old.

Remedy for Menopause Symptoms

There is nothing to fear about menopause since it is a natural process. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of remedies for its symptoms. However, before you try the easy menopause remedies, you must first determine its indications.

•    Mood swings – Mood swing is common for all women. Many boys are complaining about it. But they cannot control it because it’s natural for all women. On the other hand, the remedy for this is very simple. Just shift your attention to anything (play cards, Rubik’s cube, etc.) that will make you less irritated.

•    Weight gain – One indication of menopause is weight gain. When menopause is about to start, it will gradually slow down its metabolism and thus leads to increase weight. By exercising on a regular basis and controlling your eating habit, you can avoid this problem.

•    Hot flashes – This symptom is the feeling of intense heat all over the body. One remedy for it is wearing comfortable and appropriate clothes. To lessen the hot feeling, you can put something cold (cold packs and Thermos) on the warm areas. You may also turn on your electric fan or perhaps your air-conditioner.

•    Irregular menstruation – For infrequent menstruation, eating fruits such as lemons, oranges and other fruits rich in Vitamin C will bring back the natural process of menstruation. In addition, vegetables and spices like ginger, mustard, basil and many more can help. It’s also important to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration – one cause of period irregularity.

•    Insomnia – This is natural after menopausal period. The limit of alcohol and caffeine intake will lessen this occurrence.

There are no ways to stop menopause but there are many methods to relieve the manifestations. These are through eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, wearing comfortable clothes staying on cooler areas. So, do not be afraid when menopause comes as it is only a natural happening for all women. All you have to do is accept it.