Understanding What is Menopause Prepares You to Face the Challenges

As natural as it is, menopause is inevitable in the life of women above 40. This is the stage when the ovaries produce less of the main female hormone called estrogen. With low levels of said hormone, you start to notice observable changes in your body.

No one can stop menopause from happening. Rather, you have to find ways to alleviate the problematic symptoms caused by the drop in hormonal levels. It would make sense that any treatment should aim to restore this balance to eradicate the symptoms. That is why women think about hormone replacement.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) involves replacing the estrogen that your ovaries no longer generate after the menopause. The method helps to improve sleep for those whose sleeping patterns are affected by the menopause. While this method is effective in preventing hot flushes, vaginal dryness and related vaginal symptoms, HRT was also discovered to cause a small increase in your risk of developing serious disease such as breast cancer.

With that, thousands of women got scared of using HRT and resorted to finding natural and alternative ways to alleviate the most common symptoms. There are non-HRT remedies that are risk free and safe to use. Surprisingly, you won’t even have to shell out a single centavo. Above all, these may just be found right in your own home.

To lessen hot flashes and night sweats, you can wear light clothing, drink cool beverages and stay or work in cooler rooms. Certain foods can trigger such symptoms so these are to be avoided. These food types include caffeine-rich and spicy foods. Alcohol and smoking can aggravate the symptoms, so you have to avoid them altogether. Jogging and swimming helps relax the body, thus lessening the discomfort.

There are a lot more ways which you yourself can do to make the situation manageable. If you thoroughly understand what is menopause, then you would be better prepared to face the challenges. Browse the pages of this site so you will find valuable information about menopause.